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View, list for free, and learn all the information needed to make your own Independent Films. Watch Independent Films from Film Makers from around the world. If your an Independent Film Maker, list your films for free. Learn about the Cameras for Making Independent films, tripods used for making Independent Films and Videos, editing software and computers needed for Making Independent Films, Copy write issues, Lighting involved in the making of Independent Films,

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Professional Independent Film Video Cameras

Digital Camera Info
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Independent Movie News

Female Movie Stars

Pamela Anderson changed all the rules in the game of showBiz. Images...

Angelina Jolie is at the top when it comes to female performers. Images...

.Carmen Electra Carmen was born April 20, 1972, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Carmen is a celebrity performer, singer, and dancer. Images...

Jennifer Lopez has had an incredible career. She is one of the few women that has been able to span the total circle of acting. Images...

Jessica Alba is one of the most beautiful actresses ever to star on the big screen. Images...

The Japanese are taking over the Movie and Music Industry.

The love that the Japanese have for the American culture has driven them, for many years now , to copy our style of movies and music. But they had started this years ago when great artists were able to rise to the top on pure talent. While the Major Movie Studios and Major Record Labels allowed the smaller entities to find the great talent and then once that talent proved it self, these Major Players would grab these individuals up and bleed them until they were try. These days there are no more " smaller entities " Big Biz has stomped them out. read more...

What's gone wrong with Hollywood.

Hollywood for years now has been making movies from a cookie cutter style approach.
They buy generic scripts, cut them up into pieces throw them up in the air and then grab a handful of pieces as they fall and there's your next big screen spectacular. Throw in a few big bangs and some special effects and their work is done. The flickering lights and loud noise are meant to create secretions from the brain that actually make you high. Hollywood has made a lot of money with this style of "Get me high" movies. But this has allowed the Independent Movie Maker his break into the market share.

There seems to be people out there that want more then just to get high at the movies. They want more, they want plot, feeling, and emotion that is based on the human condition. This need has been met by a variety of new and innovated Movie Makers. Some of it is really great stuff, that being produced, some of it not too great.

Shooting with video has given everyone the ability to become a Movie Producer.

Because of the low cost of electronics, cameras, and computer software any one can make an Independent Films with that Hollywood Style Movies look.

Digital Cameras that are able to shoot with the quality that once cost in the hundred of thousands of dollars now cost in the hundreds giving the Independent Film Maker the ability to produce wonderful movies.

With computer software costing in the hundreds and home computers so powerful, you can produce incredible effects that once cost, sometimes in the millions, and required huge studios to create that "Hollywood Look" can now be done at home.

Once you had to work with film that was the major cost of shooting, now with digital cameras coming close to the quality of film, you can shoot a major video for the cost of a tank of gas. -- Although a tank of gas is getting close to the cost of film --

If you enjoy great choreographed dance or you do independent music videos, check out this Japanese Music
Video with some really great young dancers.
Goto Mini Moni Music video...

"Independent Films"

I've been asked "What do you need to make an Independent Film.". My first Indie Film was shot with a digital still camera and with Window's Movie Maker I strung the still pictures together and made my first Indie Film. But if your going to spend money on a video camera here are some things you must look for to save money and also and most important be able to make your Independent Film With a camera and editing equipment that can do what the big Hollywood Productions do. Maybe not with the same quality or ease, But Independent Film Making is an art! With art it's not all about quality it's about content and the human condition.

Should I shoot my Independent Films with Film or video

Well that depends, If your shooting for the big screen and have a lot of money (Thousands that's with an s ) then Film is what you want. If your just a working stiff like most people then video is the only way to go.

What's the difference between Film and Video? Film has very high definition. The kind of definition needed for the big screen. Video doesn't even come close to the definition of film. Also Film has a wider range of contrast. What does this mean? Here is an example, say I'm shooting inside, and I'm shooting someone coming in the doorway from outside. Outside is very bright and inside is not so bright. Well film will have less of a problem concerning the deference of light levels than video. The video is going to have problems with the light level differences. The outside is going to look just white and inside is going to look black with very little detail. This can be over come by dimming the outside light that makes it to the door way and the inside is going to have to be brightened up. But the problem can be over come with a little work.

Also with Film you can control the "Depth of Field" more then with video. What is "Depth of Field"? Depth of Field is the depth of the field in focus. Great answer, some guy with an IQ of 3000 is saying "yes I thought so". Let me give you an example. I am shooting someone's finger that he is holding up ten feet away. So I focus my camera on his finger. Well there is going to be so much distance before and after his finger that will also be in focus. Now by changing the f stop or Iris ( f stop is how big the hole is on the lens that lets light into the cameras) on the camera I can increase or decrease that distance. --Now when you increase or decrease the f stop you have to change the shutter speed to compensate for proper exposure.-- With film you can drastically change the depth of field and with video cameras changing the f stop has a far less effect.

Digital Cameras used for Independent Films

First your going to need a camera. This will cost you between $800.00 to upwards to $7000.00 . Its a must to get a camera with "3CCD's" .

This means that the camera can process all three primary colors separately. This is important if you want to do any kind of special effects.

With the newer cameras today you can create special effect almost as good as the major motion picture studios just with some good software, a home computer, and some hard work.

Second you should get a camera that has as many manual controls as possible. Most important is white balance, focus, zebra pattern, and F stop/Iris.

White balance is how the camera sees white. Our eyes and brain compensate for the differences in what we know as white all the time. But depending on the lighting, white can be anything between yellowish-orange to a spooky night like blue when using video equipment. That's how they shoot those night scenes in the day time in those old movies. You know the ones that you can see a mid day shadow and it looks like they just have the brightness turned down.

Focus also needs to be manual because auto focus is great for those home made movies or the home movie look but the truth is the camera really doesn't know what you want in focus and what you don't want in focus. And in many cases the camera will just alternate between many points that it thinks you might want in focus. So you will need manual focus to lead your audience in the direction you want them to look.

zebra pattern. Zebra Pattern is a tool that tells you when things are too bright. This is very important. Again video has a problem with contrast and your going to have to make compromises. To make these compromises your going to have to know where you stand. Here's how it works; When you look through the view finder you will first set the iris to a level where you can see your mark. As you open the iris you will reach a point where you have opened it too far. Things will still look ok to you but it's too much for the camera so you will begin to see slanted lines like a zebra pattern in the arias where its too bright. You can now make your adjustments as to what is more important to have the correct lighting. Sometimes you will have to change the scene because too much will have to be compromised

F Stop or Iris as it's called on most video cameras controls how much light is let into the camera. Ever see a picture when someone is standing in front of a window and it is very sunny outside. You can't see the person very well because the light outside is so bright that all you see is the person's silo et. That's because the F Stop is set wrong. This is what happens when you have auto F Stop, the camera just doesn't know what you are interested in and tries to make a guess. This is why manual F Stop is so important. You need to be able to choose what the camera is going to do in these situations.

Third is audio. You must get a camera with an external mike connection. The camera mounted mikes are just not up to the task. Also if you are planning to shoot quality independent films you need to position your mike to obtain just the right sound for your work. And yes you could get separate audio equipment but Why. The audio system that comes with most of your cameras today is of great quality. The audio is synced to your video right on the same tape and with software you are able to work that sound any which way but loose.

Forth is tape type. As of this writing Mini DV is what you want. And most of your cameras between the prices listed above use mini dv tape. You can get some great prices on cameras using an older form of tape but you are going to lose a lot of quality. Also I'm pretty sure you can't get a camera with 3CCD's that use the older form of tape.

Fifth you want a camera with a 1394 FireWire DV video out or better. ( I say "or better" because things are changing so fast that no one could keep up whit the advances.) This gives you the best quality transfer of your video to computer. You don't want to give away quality for the fun of it. If you plane to make an independent film your going to have to do editing. That means your going to have to transfer your video from your camera to your computer for editing.

Independent Films requires a Tripod with Fluid Heads

Almost as important as the camera is the tripod. If your interested in shooting videos, without a good tripod with fluid heads your not going to get past the "home movie look" . It will be most noticeable when you use the telephoto capabilities of your camera. The big difference between pictures and film/video is that pictures are static, an independent film is action. You don't want that action to be you shaking the camera. There will be a lot of panning ( turning the camera as you follow the action ) and zooming ( as you go in for close ups, and out for wide angles.) Important is a very stable tripod that can easily handel the weight of the cameras, wind, changing focus, and other aspects of the camera while shooting. And fluid heads are going to be needed for panning.

What are fluid heads? The head of a tripod is where your camera is connects to the try pod. The head allows you to tilt up and down, and pan left to right. Fluid heads are made for films / videos, they give the handler a certain amount of resistance against his actions so as to smooth out the turing of the camera. So when you pan left or right or tilt up or down you get a smooth action, not a jerky motion that you would get with just plane heads.

The quality of your tripod, among other things, will determine how professional your Independent Films will look.

The quality of your camera will not determine if the Independent Film you made looks like home a movie or a professionally Hollywood style work of art. What will determine that are a few simple rules. One of those rules is you must have a good tripod with fluid heads.

What kind of Hosting is needed for Independent Films

Web Hosting is another aspect of Independent Films because it is the medium used by many Independent film Producers to get their films out to the public. Check out to learn about the Internet and what you need to know about hosting to get your Independent Films out to the public.

For one your Independent Films are larger then text files, and use a lot more Bandwidth. These factors are going to play a big part in deciding what hosting plan you choose. Your going to need a server that offers a lot of hard dick space and a lot of bandwidth for a good price.

Written by G. Parsons copyright 2005